Google Wikipedia Fail Update

Update: This is Firefox issue. I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome, Epiphany, Konqueror and Opera. Firefox is the only one that does not perform as expected. Since I am almost always logged in to Google this is a big enough problem that Firefox will probably be banned, as long as I can get adblock and flashblock equivalents to work on another browser.

OK, so I wanted to learn why cheddar cheese is orange. So I type "cheddar cheese" into google, and the first link is to Wikipedia. So I click on it, since Wikipedia is usually a good starting place to find information. Then I get this:

404 error: File not found The URL you requested was not found. Did you mean to type You will be automatically redirected there in five seconds. Maybe you would like to look at:
* The main page
* The list of Wikimedia downloads

Which then redirects to "Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name."

So I go back to my search page, sign out of google, get exactly the same link at the top of the search results, click on it, and it works.

WTF? Can anyone explain this to me? Or better yet, explain it to Google. It seems kind of strange that they would want to force their customers to sign out of their accounts in order for searches to work properly. How else are they going to collect valid data to blackmail me about all of my cheesey searches?

Oh, and cheddar cheese apparently is orange because people like it that way, so the manufacturers add dye to it. The brand we buy here in Germany is just a normal cheese color.

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