Gentoo installed

I finished my Gentoo installation with only one minor hiccup. Installing gnome requires cups, which requires pdftops, which is in poppler, which was not installed. Installing poppler also requires cups, which requires pdftops, etc. After a quick google I learned the resolution was to install poppler with the USE -cups flag, then install cups. This worked fine, but is probably something the devs should fix.

After that I installed gnome, and since I’m an amateur photographer, gimp and F-Spot. F-Spot is masked, so it won’t install by default. Again, a little googling and browsing the very well written Gentoo documentation, and this problem was solved as well. So far, I’m impressed with how easy Gentoo is manage. Software installation can take a while, since everything is compiled from source, but for some packages, (openoffice, for example) there is an option to install a precompiled binary.

I’m running this in a VM, and I don’t know that I’ll ever install it on my hardware. At present I have VMs of Gentoo, Debian (the base system for my lfs), Fedora lxde, Mint and Haiku.

Yes, Haiku. I ran BeOS R5 for a while back in the day and was pretty happy with it. I run Haiku now just to see how they’re coming along. I wish I was a good enough programmer to help with development, but it’s only been a hobby for me. Well, it was a part of my job many years ago, but I was never very good at it.

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